"Clicking Photos on the Go" is a Photo Blog dedicated solely to Point & Shoot Photography on the go, as simple as it goes. "Gosh, that's already mentioned in your website title! So what for this About page then?", is hovering over your mind, right? OK, hold on for a minute. Couple of days back when a blogger friend asked me what is point & shoot photography despite owning a DSLR camera I realized the dire necessity of elaborating the term 'Point and Shoot' (also written as P&S/PnS etc) specifically in my blog.
Well, Point & Shoot Photography is a type of photography, done using a point and shoot camera. Now, what is a Point and Shoot Camera? Discarding all technical terms, it is a compact camera available in market usually costing around 50-500 USD, with a built in flash unit and a fixed (non-interchangeable) lens. A point & shoot camera can be a fully automatic camera or may have various manual controls depending on price and model. Every other day newer models of point & shoot camera are coming up in the market with features which can even put even a SLR camera to shame (apparently though). Thus, it is getting difficult to define a point & shoot camera on the basis of functionalities, only hallmark that is constant being the fixed lens. It's fair to mention, another salient point that hugely differentiates a point and shoot camera from a SLR which is the sensor size. P&S cameras usually have much tinier sensors to the later type. There are many more things worth addressing under this heading but I'll take a rain check.
Enough said about Point & Shoot Photography, the part of the header which reads- Anunoy's Photo Blog needs little elaboration too. After all, the whole idea of blogging is to connect with readers. So, if you transcend or renunciate before knowing who this big shot is, or for what good reason he started a photo blog then you'll be culpable of a grievous crime. To deliver you from that sin here's a short blogger biography. Take it easy, or else, you might not be able to digest all of it and end up puking, farting or pooping.
Anunoy Samanta is one of those thousands petty average Bengali guys petting the dormant ego of being extraordinary which is nothing but a state of delusion according to the book of psychiatry. The fault lies in his stars that his energy is directed to too many channels to be used up meaningfully. When Anunoy was a child he used to hunt salvation in philately, drawing, creative writing, comics making and meticulous mixing up of expired drugs from his father’s old stocks in an attempt to save mankind. As he grew up his hobbies underwent constant metamorphosis competing with his highly seasonal aim in life. Few shoes Anunoy wanted to walk on were bus driver, detective, IIT graduate, astronaut, bank clerk, marine engineer, pilot, smarty MBA, dentist etc to mention a few. It’s only when a call letter from National Defense Academy knocked his door, Anunoy got really perplexed about what he actually wanted to do with his life. Living a life of discipline was never his mug of lemon tea anyway! After some trial and error he found out a way to earn his daily bread. Like any other ‘Jack of all trades’ he squeezes out time to nurture his backpacking, motorcycle touring, clicking and writing. Someday, if you meet an introvert, sensitive, cynical, slothful, whimsical and non-toxic man, be grateful to your fortune cookie!
Ah, sorry! I'm yet to tell you the purpose of this blog. I aim at explaining all travel freaks and photo enthusiasts how marvelous and versatile point & shoot photography can be, especially when you're on the go. Traveling thrives on your will. Photography grows with your eyes. Nothing inspires me more than Mark Twain's wise words: "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So, throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." Enjoy the journey and keep Clicking Photos on the Go!

Your truly,
Anunoy Samanta


  1. I hate taking pics...I just love browsing through them. But when I see a beautiful sunset before me, I do wish to click it but usually either I don't even have a camera with me or if I have it, I simply am too lazy to take it out of the protective cover. And if by chance I do manage to take it out of the cover, the pics are so horrible that I don't try it again. I leave this task to people around me who are better at this. :(

    1. Come on, I can't digest it when you say- "if by chance I do manage to take it out of the cover, the pics are so horrible that I don't try it again". Have you tried the auto-mode of your DSLR? If not then do it. If it is too bulky for your grip, get a small point and shoot camera. To get a nearly-perfect shot of the sunset you're portraying in your mind you may need to take at around 100-200 clicks... I'm not joking :)

    2. 100-200 clicks? :O Itni mehnat school mein ki hoti toh mein aaj doc hoti.

    3. Hahahaa Pankti.... well most doctors think that: pehle dimaag use kiye hote aur sochne mein mehnat kiye hote to ajj daktarr na bana hota... Don't know what facts are though :-)

  2. Drop by my blog and review my photoporn section since you seem to be stepping on professional lands. All of them via cellphones.

    1. hi Sneh, please leave the link to your Photoporn :-)
      and your presence would be a great addition for ClickingPhotos!

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Hi Anunoy - I find your blog really inspiring and hence I have nominated you for “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”. If you choose to accept the award, you may have a look at the rules on my post http://happinessandfood.wordpress.com/2014/11/16/very-inspiring-blog-award/. Congratulations and keep writing and inspiring!! :)
    These photos and stories behind them are always lovely! :)


    1. What could be more inspiring for me... you made my day Parul! I'll check your link for details :-)

  4. does phone camera count at point and shoot?

    1. Don't know how far I'm technically correct, but I consider phone cams as P&S camera only, reason being the similarity in operation and limitations. Wish you and your family a very Happy Diwali! :)

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