Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Vega Eclipse Open Face Helmet Review - just Avoid!

Vega Eclipse Open Face Helmet Review
Having used it for two months, I think I'm eligible now to share my sour opinions on this gorgeous looking open face helmet from the house of Vega. If you've been following my blog you would know, occasionally I review products/services which are related to either traveling or photography. Those are simple ownership experiences and not professional reviews. If you are not looking for technical testosterone or manufacturer's manipulation, then you might consider reading my reviews. To tell you the truth, review blogging doesn't fascinate me. I do it only when I feel that the buyer's interest is at stake. I regret the moment when I fell for this dull anthracite colored helmet. Although we all know looks can be deceptive, seldom we realize it, at least not until we spend our hard earned money on a product like this. Finally, it is the moment of truth: Vega Eclipse open face helmet is flimsy and uncomfortable, a perfect disappointment for any sane rider.

Vega Eclipse Open Face Helmet Review
It is a double visor open face helmet. Quite contrary to majority of open face helmets available in Indian market, Vega provided Eclipse with a full-face outer visor. The outer visor is large and crystal clear. I have a fairly longish face, yet the only thing that remains outside the visor is a tuft of beard. A full-face visor not only protects your face from the unpleasant wind blast at triple digit speeds but also shields your eyes from blinding dust particles. Perhaps this outer visor is the only silver lining over this obviously gray helmet. The inner visor (sun visor) is nothing more than an element of beauty. Cheap plastic used in it lowers the overall visibility, and the pathetic build quality makes the visor hurt rider's nose real bad. The quick-release knob present externally at left refuses to play its role. At most it can pull down the visor to some extent and the rest of it is expected from your fingers. Forget about operating this switch with your riding gloves on. Don't worry, you won't be using this semi-transparent sun visor anyway!

Vega Eclipse Open Face Helmet Review
Did you notice those multiple patches of brownish discoloration on the right side? No buddy, I neither tortured my helmet with burning cigarette nor with harsh cleansing agents. How did she get those bruises then? Well, for around fifteen minutes (or less) I made a mistake of latching the helmet to my motorcycle grab-rail and it was unhurried summer ride on a plain afternoon road! Come on Vega, few scratches would have been understandable but why these lifelong scars? Work on your paint quality before some other blogger calls it shitty more loudly. 

Vega Eclipse Open Face Helmet Review
Whenever I wore the helmet for more than 40-45 minutes, I had always got an annoying headache. It is a 'L' size helmet. According to specifications it should accommodate head size from 59 to 61 centimeters. My head measures little north of 590 millimeters, theoretically a perfect match for this helmet. Mystery behind the headache was more painful than the headache itself. It needed to be solved. On carefully studying (note those marked portions in the above photograph) the internal padding I discovered presence of few sharp exposed parts near the ear compartments, poor adhesive works throughout, and miserably inadequate cushioning especially over the rim of inner hard (white colored) insulating material making the evil thing to brutally compress numerous scalp veins, especially at temporal regions. That's not only lousy manufacturing but also a crime!

Vega Eclipse Open Face Helmet Review
Wow, look at the strap material and I'm sure you'll have sufficient idea about Vega's integrity! If those synthetic fibers have started giving up just after two months of usage then what will happen after whole 365 days? May be I should buy a coil of nylon rope so that the helmet can be secured as soon as its stock strap gets torn apart one fine day. A couple of weeks ago I tried to convey my agony to the manufacturer in vain, through their official Twitter handle. Thankfully, my phase of regret is over. The equation is pretty simple. I lost my few hundred bucks, but on the other hand, Vega lost faith of many prospective buyers. Now you know, Vega Eclipse open face helmet might look photogenic, but definitely it's not the helmet a rider deserves. 

Product: Vega Eclipse Open Face Helmet with Double Visor (Dull Anthracite, L)

MRP: 1,385 INR

- Looks good.
- Lightweight and compact.
- Fairly good internal air circulation.
- Full face outer visor is a rare virtue.

- Highly doubtful build quality.
- Inadequate inner padding to steal rider's safety and comfort. 
- Crappy Sun visor.
- Unreliable strap.

My Rating:   2.5 / 10

Oops! My helmet hunt begins again...


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