Friday, September 11, 2015

Learning Minimalist Photography with my Coffee Mug

Learning Minimalist Photography with my Coffee Mug
Minimalism is a concept that is quite hard to define. Frankly there's no single definition in the market (grossly speaking) which can completely hold the essence of this word 'Minimalism'. Although minimalism is still virgin without a proper definition, its sense can be well understood. The basic philosophy behind minimalism is "Less is More". Whether it is a painting, sculpture, photography or any other form of art, if it is a minimalist work it'll have least components in it and still it'll generate powerful visual impact on the viewer. As the literal meaning of 'minimalism' goes, a minimalist photograph will contain a very few visual elements, portray simple things which we usually don't consider shooting and most importantly, it would leave a big ground for you to perceive it in most flexible ways. 
Learning Minimalist Photography with my Coffee Mug
From the photographer's perspective, as a minimalist photograph is supposed to contain bare-minimum elements, he has to invest more time in the creativity front to compose a minimalist photo. On the contrary, owing to its lack of details, the viewer is free to ride on his imagination and interpret the image in 'N' number of ways! If you're aspiring to be a minimalist photographer (or, artist of any other minimalist art form), you have to master the art of appreciating only the essential and also develop a less sentimental heart to leave out less essentials. As a minimalist enthusiast your objective is to minimize the number of elements in a photograph, without killing its point of interest.
Learning Minimalist Photography with my Coffee Mug
Best part of minimalist photography is that the photographer doesn't need to venture out to take shots. You have ample subjects lying idle in or around your home which are simple, yet interesting enough to pose for your minimalist photography learning. Make this subject heart of your composition and choose a modest background which won't subdue your benevolent subject, rather it would make it more striking. Eliminate any distracting element that might cause crowding or compete with your subject for attention grabbing. Use contrasting and vibrant colors to catch eyes of your viewer. This time I failed in this matter, as colors I had chosen, although could be enough contrasting, came out quite dull at the end.
Learning Minimalist Photography with my Coffee Mug
Once you're learning minimalist photography, keep your eyes wide open for interesting patterns, textures, geometrical curves, shapes, bold lines anywhere in your surrounding, as these can make interesting minimalist photographs. Experiment with different compositions, crop it if you need to and keep it low either in elements or details to practice minimalist photography. I'm enjoying minimalism and surely my blog will get populated by many more minimalist images. Meanwhile, you keep clicking too!


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