Sunday, August 2, 2015

Happy 1st Birthday to

On 2nd August, 2014, I finally settled for photo blogging and started this photo blog. Having previously experimented with travel-blogging and creative writing, I was no newbie in this already overpopulated blogosphere. I had realized that the visual aspect of traveling charms me most and that was good enough to amend my blogging niche from travel to photo blogging. This decision favored my nature too, as I'm someone who lacks the patience for long hours of desk job. Travel writing, the way I used to do, mixing pinch of fiction with facts so that my travel posts didn't appear like travel-guide booklets, needed good amount of time. Honestly, I had it both- impatience as well as poverty of time. While being an enthusiastic clicker, I already had multiple gigabytes of photos stored in my portable hard drive. So, selecting a couple of photos, slight editing and writing a paragraph on them, once in a while was something I could easily execute right from my comfort zone. Exactly, that's how ClickingPhotos dot com was born and the very next day (3rd August 2014) I had published my first photo post. As the domain name was registered on 2nd August itself, I selected that day as the date of birth for my website. Today is the 1st Happy Birthday of my adorable baby- ClickingPhotos dot com! I need your blessings and lot of good wishes.

I know these numbers are very ordinary, yet they give me a sense of satisfaction, and every time I see them increasing bit by bit, I get the joy "my baby is growing". Here's few Quick stats for so far:-

* Page Views: 31,000+ (Ah surely I myself contributed to 10-20% of this number!)

* Facebook page Fans: 505+

* Number of Photo posts: 143

* Number of Photographs posted: 353

* Number of Comments received from visitors: 650+

* Top Traffic source:

* Present Alexa Rank: 1,269,159 (global rank) and 134,612 (rank in India)

Hope my "Clicking Photos on the Go" sees many more years. Hope our bond strengthens with time and we never get bored of one another. I've renewed this domain name till August 2020 as my token of love cum gratitude towards ClickingPhotos dot com, for giving me a purpose to blog, for keeping me busy in awfully sticky times and for helping me to get acquainted with so many wonderful blog-buddies. Please wish my kid a blissful journey ahead. Keep Clicking Photos on the Go... Cheers!  


  1. Happy 1st Birthdayyyy ..i hope i get to wish every year that passes by..InshaAllah. . May you achieve success in evrythng you do.. best wishes..! :-)

  2. Congratulations.. already you are making waves. and all the best for the coming years....

    1. Thanks for your motivating words Prasad... please keep visiting :-))

  3. :)
    Keep up the good work.
    It is good that you didn't stop trying because of other not so successful attempts.

    1. Yes... yes... by failing repeatedly I discovered so many ways which do not work :-P ;-) :-D (guess the source)


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