Tuesday, April 7, 2015

River Connection - the teeny weeny Haldi

River Connection - the teeny weeny Haldi
In February I posted a couple of photos portraying post sunset glimpses of the Haldi River (Haldi, a tributary of the Hooghly River, is the center of natural recreation for visitors as well as health conscious local population of the industrial town of Haldia) where I had promised to share more riverscapes with you. So, here I'm back with the theme "River Connection". This teeny weeny river, Haldi with a span of just around twenty-four kilometers, has hardly any existence in the physical map of Bengal. Although her acquaintance doesn't extend beyond the population of this riverine semi rural petrochemical city, her significance to this region is no less remarkable! No folks, I'm not talking of its aptness as a hangout zone. The ferry service over Haldi River saves a lot of transport time and expense for daily commuters between Haldia and its nearby villages on the other bank of the river.
River Connection - the teeny weeny Haldi
Simple motor driven wooden boats are almost versatile to transport multiple dozen of human beings, goods, cattle, bicycles as well as motorbikes and localites are quite used to with such overloaded water transport. Sometimes I wonder, despite our growing impatience and worsening humanity, if something is hitting the positive end of the graph it has to be our adaptability! Anyway, limitlessly stretchable adaptability of human beings is beyond the scope of today's photo theme- River Connection... This reminds me that I haven't been out for photo hunt for quite a sometime and if I have to adapt to this saturated blogosphere of photo bloggers I must schedule few urgent photo walks. Take care buddies... See you soon.
River Connection - the teeny weeny Haldi


  1. Great pictures of Haldi river... any idea why it's called Haldi? I mean is the silt carried by it is yellowish or anything like that?

    1. As far as yellow slit/sediment/deposition is concerned, I did not see any. In internet too less info on this river... I am not sure whether Haldia got its name from Haldi or the other way around. May be these answers can be obtained from some eligible native veteran... After all every place has a story and not every story has been written on pages yet :-)


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