Monday, April 13, 2015

Bageshwori Temple of Nepalgunj

Bageshwori Temple of Nepalgunj
Bageshwori Temple is one of the oldest and sacred most Hindu temples of mid-western Nepal. Situated at center of the dusty and congested business town of Nepalgunj, the presiding deity of this temple is Goddess Bageshwori (a form of Devi Durga). Along with the goddess this temple also houses a rare form of Lord Shiva with mustache (Junge Mahadeva) which I hadn't seen in any other temple before. On an otherwise summer noon if the vacant look of the Bageshwori Temple premises puts you in an illusion that it is just another temple, better be not deceived, because, on an auspicious day it might be so badly crowded that you may not be able to infiltrate even the nearby market area. According the the legend, when Sati immolated herself with fire, pieces of her body fell into earth and her tongue fell into the site here Bageshwori Temple stands today. Once you are in Nepal you can find the image of this popular temple imprinted on different coins! By the way, don't get fooled by fraudulent Pujaris (priests) inside the temple compound who're ever ready to tie their holy knots around your wrist. 
Bageshwori Temple of Nepalgunj


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