Monday, February 16, 2015

Zero Visibility on the Way to Kasauli

Zero Visibility on the Way to Kasauli
We thank Saru Singhal for sharing this mystic foggy hill-scape with us. We know Saru as a blogger and of course as a talented poet, but, her passion for point and shoot photography is not something everyone is aware of. She clicked it with a Sony DSC-W7 camera. As you know every photo has something to say, here's the story behind this foggy landscape in Saru's words:
"This photo was taken in August 2008 during a long drive from Ambala to Kasauli. It was raining incessantly in the plains and as we started driving uphills, it was foggy and we had to stop our car many a times. This was taken on one such halt in Kasauli-Parwanoo road. With zero visibility and cold weather, this place felt like heaven."
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