Saturday, February 28, 2015

Post Sunset glimpses of the Haldi River

Post Sunset glimpses of the Haldi River
Pollution knows no bound and it has no shame! The warm tone of the sky somehow masked it.
Haldi, a tributary of the Hooghly River, is the center of natural recreation for visitors as well as health conscious local population of the industrial town of Haldia. Being in close proximity to Haldia township and Coast guard colony, this river bank is fairly maintained, safe and ideal place for evening jogging or, simply to laze around and absorb the ethereal post-sunset river breeze on a warm day. Head on to a fast-food/tea wheeler, occupy an empty bench by the bank of Haldi River, watch hurrying villagers going back to their respective villages in overcrowded boats, turn your head to left to get a glimpse of some unknown ship leaving the Haldia dock or, just keep staring at right till the sun dissolves down the horizon! Wherever I go I am lucky enough to find a river bank that makes up for the one at my hometown. Basically, I am a "post sunset river-centric" person. Do you have similar affinity towards river? Doesn't matter even if it is a 'no' as anyway I'll share more riverscapes with you.
Post Sunset glimpses of the Haldi River
A fleet of sleeping fishing boats. Either they have called it a day or their day is yet to start.


  1. Hmm...affinity? I have an affinity to crowded places :) (read places of shopping!)


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