Friday, November 7, 2014

Deer don't eat Chicken

Deer don't eat Chicken
I am quite sure you already knew that deer are not good chicken eaters, still you paid this visit to check if few perverted deer enclosed in my space are trying with boneless chicken 69... see the power of a catchy caption! Doesn't matter whether you are a meat lover or wildlife conservationist, you love deer anyway. Who won't fall for those insanely oblique eyes and slender gait? Let these deer chew their grasses while you attentively digest my deer trivia. Did you know most of the deer are born with white spots which they gradually lose within a year? Antlers are perhaps the most attractive as well as artistic feature in deer. It's interesting to know male deer (called 'buck') grow new antlers each year, i.e. a deer becomes more photogenic with age! While casual web-searching I landed on a website where they conduct deer hunting tours/sessions, with satisfied clients showing off their bloody achievements... Well, neither I can fix the world nor shall I spike up my blood pressure thinking of all unjustified things happening around me. So, before saying a 'bye' I would only like to remind you of the amended Wildlife Protection Act (2002). According to this act, deer hunting would cost you just 10,000 Indian bucks and minimum 3 years of imprisonment.


  1. I came to this post as I was certain to see a good capture and am surely not disappointed :)

  2. Deers look so pleasant. Have you read Bambi?(there is a Disney movie by the same name)
    You guessed it right,i was reminded of bambi seeing this pic. Didn't i tell you i keep getting ideas from your blog?

    1. I haven't read that petite deer story but seen it over Luxr color pencil boxes :-P
      Ok, 'phikar not'... will keep on supplying you with ideas :-D

  3. Interesting message and some facts to improve knowledge. Wonderful post A! :)


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