Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Kids building Sand Castles on the Beach

Kids building Sand Castles on the Beach
I wish I could build a castle like these playful kids, without thinking of the futility of my labor! We adults get so carried away by thoughts of our future that opportunities lying idly at our present doorsteps are often missed. We should really ask these prudent kids how to build castles of sand without worrying unnecessarily of those roaring waves. May be 'living today' is not a bad idea...


  1. LOL...what would you say if I tell you I still have the habit of building castles on the beach? :D

    1. Either:
      Time for Bua to grow up....
      Time for MishTi to grow up faster so that she can build her sand castles before her bua gets too old for it

  2. Replies
    1. Unfortunately the boy is distracted by the unkind sun :-(

  3. Rightly said mate. We begin to calculate the ROI on every action. Perhaps it would be prudent to just let go of our inhibitions and work on what we value the most...


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