Sunday, September 21, 2014

Another Old Film Camera

Another Old Film Camera
It may look like a SLR camera but it's a point and shooter only. It is the oldest camera present in our family which belonged to my father. I remember him loading this camera with black and white films, until I got my hands on photography with the cute new Yashica camera. We had lent this cam on several occasions to our different relatives, as keeping a camera at home was not in fashion those days, at least not in Bengali families. If I remember correctly it was Kodak who revolutionized the concept of point and shoot photography in our region by marketing cheap cameras like Kodak KB-10. By watching the ad in television common men started thinking that they too could own personal cameras! By the way, in this camera, the colorful logos of sun, moon, cloud etc over the dial where you can adjust the aperture attract me most. Though I couldn't get any trace of its manufacturer through google-search, I must admit it had captured some very acceptable photos in its time.


  1. I've a Yashica MF-2 and the oldest one in our extended family being a Kodak Baby Brownie which belonged to my Jethu... :-D ..this pic made me nostalgic.. :-)

    1. Thanks for giving a visit to my antique baby :-P
      If you have time check out my old yashica photo too :-)

  2. You seriously love cameras too much :O


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