Thursday, August 7, 2014

Wooden Bankura Horse waiting for the Sun God

Wooden Bankura Horse
The loyal creature waiting for his master, the Sun God.
This is a wooden Bankura Horse (Bankura is a district in West Bengal), about one meter tall, pure black in color, adorning a corner of our otherwise dull staircase. Terracotta horses of Bankura rank among top handicrafts of Bengal since ages and the wooden alternative to this form came at a later date. Bankura horses have typical long ornamented necks, long erect ears, large jaws, raised eyebrows and short limbs. If you ever happen to visit Bankura region, explore any handicraft shop and you'll find many of them in varying sizes.


  1. We always buy a lot of these horses when we visit bishnupur...not the wooden ones though..the clay ones..

    1. Yes Terracotta ones are fabulous and they have exquisite designs...I'm glad that you buy handicrafts and contribute to local economy... I fail to do so as I'm top lazy to clean off dust from showpieces at my home, so, I give them a miss mostly :(


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